World’s Tiniest Turtle?

DSCN9900This little guy was walking along a DeKorte trail last week until somebody dropped the dime on him (figuratively speaking), and we took his picture.

We think it is a Red-eared Slider.

If you hold up a real dime, you’ll see how small this very young reptile really is.

(Thanks to Sue Lewicki of the MEC for letting us know about the tiny tot turtle!)

4 thoughts on “World’s Tiniest Turtle?

  1. Patrick Carney

    Wow! Good thing someone didn’t step on it.

    I’m not an expert, but my neighbor had a Red-Eared Slider for a long time, and I always thought they had the red stripe from when they hatched, so maybe this one is a little Painted Turtle? Like I said I don’t know much about turtles though.

    1. Jim Wright Post author

      We wavered between painted turtle and red-eared slider.

      I think the answer is:

      C. One of the above.

      I really needed to photograph a side view… Live and learn, hopefully.

      Jim W.


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