A.C. Peregrine Back in the Meadowlands

CO7O2971Ray Gilbert got this recent shot of an adult banded Peregrine Falcon in the Meadowlands.

Thanks to the band, Ray was able to determine it was the same Peregrine that Mike Girone photographed last year.

Link to that post is here. (Thanks, Ray and Mike!)

One thought on “A.C. Peregrine Back in the Meadowlands

  1. Mike Girone

    Actually that was a different bird I photographed last summer, 70/AN (hatched/banded in 2013). This bird, 23/AN, was hatched & banded in 2012, same city. Very cool that 2 females from the same city, yet different years, found their way to the Meadowlands!! Word must get around….


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