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Mickey Raine’s Black Skimmer Shots

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Mickey Raine writes:

Tuesday was an amazing late day at River Barge Park–18 Black Skimmers!!!

To see the actual full resting posture was a tremendous treat. We read about the weight of the head causing them to lie flat on the belly with extended head‎ position, but to witness first hand was a joy (below, center). Notice the other one a little down from the main sleeper?


Mill Creek Marsh Walk: The Full List


Lots of “good” birds and nice people on Tuesday’s Mill Creek Marsh walk.

Full list follows.

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Butterflies Appearing @DeKorte Again

We saw four species of butterflies at DeKorte on lunch break (ours and theirs) yesterday.

Our butterfly ID skills are a tad rusty but we think we saw a Silver-spotted Skipper, an Indigo Duskywing and a very bright skipper  (Zabulon?)– plus Cabbage Whites.  If you can help with the IDs, please….