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Laurel Hill Raven Update


Jill Homcy writes that she stopped by Laurel Hill to check on the ravens at lunch on Monday and saw two birds outside on the cliff just below the nest branching and croaking up a storm.

From what we can gather, the nest has failed this year but the ravens can still be seen nearby, despite the presence of a Peregrine.

Thanks, Jill!

Glossy Ibis Still Being Seen as of 0507

1-050614 B Ibis Glossy 002c RchrdDKorte Park Mdwlnds NJ Far Away 050614 OK (2)Mickey Raine reports:

Tuesday and Wednesday  after work we went to DeKorte Park to see what was going on. The Glossy Ibis was present amongst other birds, but at a great distance, so the photos are as much landscape as is a bird shot.

The Great Egrets have been consistently around, and the smaller shorebirds are aplenty, and the Greater Yellowlegs, given the larger stature for shorebirds, are easier to capture nicely with the camera

The Glossy Ibises we saw yesterday were chased away by several Black Crowned Night Herons, and later it certainly appeared to be a case of some kind of organized containment and/or watch. When the two were forced away in different directions being nearly attacked by separate BCNH‎’s independently, one flew toward the Saw Mill area and the other to the dense reeds near the short stretch of boardwalk off of Transco Trail. Continue reading

Prothonotary and More

1-IMG_9508-001Rob Fanning reports:

Found a Prothonotary Warbler at DeKorte today. Last had it along Transco Trail by the weather station/interpretive sign.

Also had 2 Bonaparte’s Gulls (non-breeding) sitting in the water by the boardwalk. A strange female Merg looked like a Red-breasted to me–but not 100% sure.

(Thanks, Rob!)

Note: Prothonotary still being seen as of 11:45 a.m.