American White Pelican @ DeKorte

For the second day in a row, an American White Pelican has been seen at DeKorte Park. Yesterday it was seen flying above the Sawmill Creek Mudlflats. Today it was seen on the mudflats.

Hoping for a photo later today.  We have seen American White Pelicans at least three prior years, including one at the Kearny Marsh in February 2013, pictured below.

Please let this blog know if you see the pelican again!


2 thoughts on “American White Pelican @ DeKorte

  1. Marianne

    Was asked by staff to post a photo of the white pelican taken this morning from the Transco Trail…so here it is!

    1. Marianne

      Sorry, seems the photo won’t attach properly…please use the ebird link for DeKorte instead, as it’s posted within my checklist.


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