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Cool Peregrine Action


Mike Girone reports:

Unplanned aerial prey transfer, female Peregrine Falcons, Northern NJ, July 2014.

The adult female was eating a white pigeon in front of her daughter for 20 minutes, and the youngster tried pulling the prey away. Mom won and took off, with the young female in hot pursuit. She caught up to her mom and grabbed the prey from below.

For a few seconds, both birds were hanging onto the prey and flying, the young female pulling her mom down while trying to secure her meal! The adult female finally let go, and the youngster found her own spot to dine. I think this was originally a lesson to the young falcon on simply pursuing a food source from one spot to another, but this ambitious youngster wanted to include the next lesson as well, securing it while in flight!  (Thanks, Mike!)

(A nifty column about Peregrines by Pete Bacinski of NJ Audubon is here.)


Don Torino: Why Care about Butterflies

IMG_0197Don Torino, one of the leaders on our nature walks with Bergen County Audubon Society, also writes a weekly nature column for the wildnewjersey.tv blog.  His latest is on why butterflies matter — especially appropriate with our Fifth Annual Butterfly coming up on Sunday, July 27..

Here’s a sample:

“Butterflies are a true ‘Canary in the Coalmine,’ a symbol or a warning about the health of our environment. When butterflies are few and far between it means that things are out of whack or out of balance.

Too much pesticide use and too little plant biodiversity mean an unhealthy environment, a kind of warning sign not only for the butterflies but for people, too.

When butterfly habitat is protected or restored, we help not only butterflies but also many migratory bird species, pollinators, even amphibians and reptiles can benefit from maintaining butterfly habitat. But it also means a healthy in-balance planet for humans.

The link is here.


Skimmers Continue @ River Barge Park


Saw two Black Skimmers chilling on the rowing dock near high tide at River Barge Park yesterday.