Goodbye Jim Wright

As his devoted readers by now know, Jim Wright has posted his last post here before retiring from the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission. His contributions to the agency, as well as to the wider community over his 6 1/2-year tenure have been tremendous.

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He has served as our ambassador, speaking to community groups, co-hosting twice-monthly nature walks, connecting with partners like the Bergen County Audubon Society, and helping develop popular annual events like Butterfly Day and Moth Night.

Jim founded this blog in 2008 and set a high standard which we will do our best to live up to. He is known throughout the Meadowlands and beyond as an enthusiastic birder, a capable reporter, and an all-around nice guy. Even if his puns make us groan.

We wish him the very best in all his future endeavors.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Jim Wright

  1. Nick R

    Thanks, Jim, for helping inspire my daughter to be interested in birding at a young age, which helped cultivate her overall appreciation of nature. Hope to see you around Celery Farm. Best of luck to you.

  2. Don

    Thank you Jim, for introducing thousands of people to the Meadowlands and helping them love it and appreciate it they way you do . you have made the environment a better place and gave people joy and happiness through nature and did it with class and love , thank you my friend

  3. Mickey & Elaine Raine

    Hey, Jim . . . We certainly hope that you will thoroughly enjoy your retirement, but knowing your active nature, it is probably a no-brainer. You will be missed, and you have definitely created a nice site to educate and encourage folks to visit the truly amazing sites in the Meadowlands. GREAT JOB!!!

    And it appears that you have left this BLOG in good hands with Lisa Cameron taking the helm.

    Thanks for your passion over the years . . .

    Best Wishes to You and Your Lovely Wife, Pat.

    Mickey & Elaine Raine


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