Laurel Hill Walk: The Full List

DSCN9292The weather was nice enough to cooperate for our Third Tuesday of the Month walk at Laurel Hill this week, and the raptors obliged as well. Not only did we have five Bald Eagles, but we also had a Northern Harrier, a Red-tail or two, and a Peregrine ensconced in a nearby Osprey nest.

Thanks to all who participated!

Full list and another pic follow.

Laurel Hill Park, Hudson, US-NJ
Jan 20, 2015 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Protocol: Traveling
0.52 mile(s)
Comments:     Third Tuesday Walk, BCAS and NJMC
21 species

Great Blue Heron (4)

Canada Goose XDSCN9289

Gadwall X

Mallard X

Bufflehead X

Common Merganser X

Double-crested Cormorant X

Northern Harrier X

Bald Eagle (5)

Red-tailed Hawk X

Ring-billed Gull X

Herring Gull X

Great Black-backed Gull X

Peregrine Falcon X

Northern Mockingbird X

European Starling X

American Tree Sparrow X

Song Sparrow X

Northern Cardinal X

American Goldfinch X

House Sparrow X

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