Iconic Mural to be Displayed in Paterson

Detail of the Stefan Knapp mural at the the former Alexander's store in Paramus.

Detail of the Stefan Knapp mural at the the former Alexander’s store in Paramus.

From an article by Meghan Grant for NorthJersey.com:

“Sitting packaged in the Carlstadt Public Works garage for the past 20 years, the iconic mural that once adorned the outside of Alexander’s department store in Paramus where Route 17 meets Route 4 has finally found a new home in Paterson. The Art Factory will be unveiling the work of Stefan Knapp during their ArtWalk on June 13.

“Knapp had done number of commissions…before transitioning into larger panels and color experimentation on enamel. In 1960, he caught the attention of the United States through his 17 murals at Heathrow Airport in London. He impressed Alexander’s Corporation president George Farkas, who hired the artist to produce a mural of epic proportions for his new location in Paramus, according to an article in “Glass and Enamel” magazine.

The Alexander’s mural was created in an aircraft hanger in England, using modified skis to walk across the panels without damaging them and spread colors using brushes the size of mops. According to “Glass and Enamel,” the media caught wind of the project and newspapers reported on the mural’s progress. It was completed and erected in 18 months.

Stefan Knapp, who made his mark in Paramus, died on Oct. 12, 1996. At that point, the mural was still believed to be the largest in the world.”

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