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“Don’t Even Try It” Said the Eagle to the Osprey

This sequence of an Osprey trying to unsuccessfully rattle an immature Bald Eagle in Kearny is amazing work by photographer Ron Shields. Says Ron: Here is a sequence of images of a recent dual between a territorial osprey and our immature bald eagle at the Kearny Marsh.

The osprey buzzed the eagle as it sat atop the Keegan Landfill.  Knocked down but not knocked out, the eagle regained its composure as well as its perch high atop the landfill.

Sora Makes Itself Known

Sora from MDTOur neighborhood Sora continues to make itself visible. Chris Takacs caught the usually secretive bird this morning in the DeKorte Park Shorebird Pool from his viewpoint along the Marsh Discovery Trail. The bird is not uncommon to the region, but is a rare sight. According to Allaboutbirds.org, the Sora is a small, secretive bird of freshwater marshes and the  most common and widely distributed rail in North America. Its distinctive descending whinny call can be easily heard, but actually seeing the little marsh-walker is much more difficult.

Don Torino’s Life In the Meadowlands: Just a Red-Winged Blackbird?

red-winged blackbird

red-winged blackbird credit: Jim Wright

Many years ago I was on a bird walk with a group of people from a local nature center when suddenly a striking black bird with brilliant red markings shot by us like a Ferrari with wings.

The leader barely looked up until someone asked, “what was that?”  “Oh that?” the leader answered flippantly “Just a Red-Winged Blackbird.” Just a Red-Winged Blackbird? How could someone speak so offhandedly about such a  magnificent bird that has meant so much to me ?

Never mind that the leader failed to take a second or two to tell everyone about that wonderful bird in detail. “Just a Red-winged Blackbird”? Was I the only person who cared about the “Spirit of the Marsh,” as the Native Americans called it.  I felt slighted in some way. After all The Red-Winged Blackbird is a special bird. Especially if you happened to grow up in the Meadowlands like I did.

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