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Don Torino’s Life In The Meadowlands: Peregrine Falcons Return Home

peregrine falcon

peregrine falcon

The Peregrine Falcon, the fastest creature in the world, thrives once again in the New Jersey Meadowlands. Even on this past Tuesday’s pontoon boat ride through the Meadowlands on the Hackensack River I found it hard to believe I can say those words, a phrase I never thought I would or could ever hear or even dreamed possible not so many years ago.

I have the distinct privilege on many of our field trips of pointing out a Peregrine to folks who see them for the first time. It’s hard for me to put into words and describe the plight of the Peregrine to them as it is to a room full of school children, but it never gets old. I have to slow myself down and think about and savor those words, at least for just a brief moment, making sure they understand my words and that I am purposely able to explain to them with enough regard and respect to help people understand where this noble Falcon was and how far it had to come to return not only to the Meadowlands and New Jersey but to the entire country .

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