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A Virginia Rail in Kearny

Ron Shields sent along some wonderful photos of the usually secretive Virginia Rail he photographed recently in the Kearny Marsh. Ron writes that he was especially happy to get these shots given that the Virginia Rail is tougher for him to locate and photograph than other marsh inhabitants like the sora or least bittern. Enjoy!

Reminder: Harrier Meadow Walk Tomorrow at 10 am!


Northern harrier marsh hawk

Northern harrier marsh hawk

Join us from 10 am to noon tomorrow for a guided nature walk of Harrier Meadow in North Arlington. The 70-acre natural area is normally closed to the public, so take advantage of this special opportunity! We’ll look for herons, egrets, shorebirds, ospreys and other raptors. (Pictured: A Northern Harrier flying over Harrier Meadow).

Harrier Meadow is located on Disposal Road off Schuyler Avenue in North Arlington. Park at the North Arlington Firehouse at the top of the hill and walk across the road to the entrance to Harrier Meadow. Please be careful as construction work is going on along the road and trucks will be traveling in the area.

For more information on Harrier Meadow, read Don Torino’s recent blog post here.