Spectacular Mill Creek Marsh Sunset Photos

Mickey Raine sent in some sunset photos that he took at Mill Creek Marsh yesterday and they are nothing short of absolutely spectacular. Mickey writes:

Yesterday afternoon I wanted to check out the foliage at Mill Creek Marsh and to also see if any new arrivals from the world of birds would be swimming about.  Checking the tidal chart, around 2:30 was low tide, but I wanted to get there between low and high. The Giants-Cowboy game would be in progress, but the traffic was not an issue once the game began.

I arrived at about 5 PM, and realized that the autumn colors were not in full display, yet; however, there was something crisp and beautiful with the sky, and the tonal quality was ideal for photography.  The moment I entered through the gate, there to greet me just beyond to the east was a wonderful skyline view of Manhattan, prominently exhibiting the new 432 Park Avenue skyscraper, now the second tallest in the City.

The Empire State Building was obstructed by some of the tall trees by the fence to the parking area, but it mattered little, for the view saw superb, nonetheless. The tidal level was perfect for attracting a wider range of the visiting and resident birds, but for some reason, very few were present. I did notice a pair of Northern Pintails, four Ruddy Ducks, and a single Great Blue Heron in the far distance when using the binoculars–not close enough for even a telescopic lens, unless I had a 1200mm or more.

But that was fine, for the temperature was comfortable and the lighting was exactly what one would hope. How many other places can visitors take in such fascinating landscape for wildlife, as the backdrop of Manhattan and its fabulous skyline provide a singularly unique scenery?

Mill Creek Marsh during Magic Hour is quite spectacular, and luckily, the conditions yesterday allowed for some truly beautiful shots.

Check out Mill Creek Marsh for yourself this Sunday, Nov. 1, on a free guided nature walk with the Bergen County Audubon Society. The walk runs from 10 a.m. to noon. For more information, email greatauk4@gmail.com or call 201-230-4983.

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