Daily Archives: March 24, 2016

They’re Back!

Osprey  Takacs 3.24.16

The first Ospreys of the season have been sighted over the past week at DeKorte Park and Laurel Hill Park. Here’s Chris Takacs’ first Osprey photo of the spring, taken today while the raptor was getting ready for lunch on a pole along Disposal Road.

Off We Go!

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Mickey and Elaine Raine sent this cute pic of a quartet of Gren-winged Teal in marching formation at Mill Creek Marsh as well as the crow below. Can someone tell us if this is an American Crow, Fish Crow, or a different species? Thanks!

Crow Fish 001f MCM Mdwlnds NJ 031916 OK FLICKR


Don Torino’s Life in the Meadowlands: Why We Love the Meadowlands

On this past Sunday morning nine Black-Crowned Night Herons stood like sentinels along the banks of a small marshy area constrained by the New Jersey Turnpike and surrounded by countless other stone and asphalt structures of our Garden State.

Like many of our Meadowlands birds and birders we all seemed oblivious to the roar of the cars, trucks and airliners overhead. These most regal and stately of birds seemed to ignore the gazing binoculars as one of our group members dropped her binoculars, looked up at me and said “The birding is wonderful, you are so lucky to live here in the Meadowlands!”  The comment at first took me by surprise. It was music to my ears and such a wonderful thing to say, but I was taken back, not use to hearing those kind and flattering comments.

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