Majestic Kestrels and Osprey in Flight

Mickey Raine sent some awesome photos he took of American Kestrel and Ospreys in flight at DeKorte Park yesterday. Mickey writes:

Today (March 29), in the extreme winds, our friend and local bird photographer held in high esteem informed me that an American Kestrel was flying about over the hill just outside of the DeKorte Park entrance.  He was on his way to Secaucus, but I remained to see if I could catch a glimpse of this tiny adorable raptor with the cute, baby face.  It suddenly emerged from over the hill and continued to search for small prey below.

The best of the recent finds was the majestic Osprey couple.  They were flying overhead at DeKorte Park and scanning the water surface for fish.  I could not get the pair in one shot, and I believe that the three photos I have are of the same bird.  You can see a bit of red blood on the belly from an earlier catch.  I did see this one catch another fish, but it was so far away, and the photo was not worth keeping.

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