O Canada!

Thanks to Chris Takacs for the catchy headline. Why O Canada! for this feasting Peregrine Falcon? Chris explains:

Friday morning, 4/8, Andrew Marden and I found a Peregrine Falcon at River Barge Park. She was giving the Ospreys some trouble, chasing one of them around. She found a pigeon for breakfast and took it to the Kayak dock. She had a band that looked unfamiliar to me, so I reported it to banding lab. Mike Girone, our local Peregrine enthusiast, shared this photo to some places and came back with some banding information.

“Morgan” is her name and she was banded on May 26, 2015 at 23 days old and 820 grams or 1.8 lbs. She was banded in Toronto, Canada! The nest is located at 150 & 250 Ferrand Drive, near Don Mills and Eglinton in Toronto and hosted by Amexon Property Management Inc.

A website http://www.peregrine-foundation.ca/w/c/sightings/toronto-don-mills-and-eglinton/page/3/ has provided a bunch more information on this bird.

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