BCAS Sponsors Audubon Adventures Curriculum For Grades 3-6


CALLING ALL MEADOWLANDS AREA SCHOOLS (and any others that may be interested)!

Bergen County Audubon Society sponsors a great FREE environmental education curriculum program called Audubon Adventures through the National Audubon Society for grades 3-6. Developed by professional environmental educators, Audubon Adventures presents standards-based science content about birds, wildlife and their habitats.  Audubon Adventures can be easily integrated into the existing curriculum areas of science, social studies, mathematics, language arts, and creative arts.  The program comes in the form of a printed kit and will be mailed to your school. The school will also receive membership in the National Audubon Society.

New for 2016/2017:  Go Wild for Birds

  • “Owl Prowl” In this printed student magazine, young people are introduced to the mysterious and endearing world of owls. When it comes to adaptation, these big-eyed raptors are equipped with the tools of the hunter: keen eyesight, powerful feet with sharp talons, a ripping hooked beak, and special feathers that allow them to fly silently on their (mostly) nocturnal forays for food.
  • “Waterbirds” In this printed student magazine, students learn what waterbirds are and about the physical and behavioral characteristics that help them survive in water habitats. They will learn about the role that waterbirds play in a healthy ecosystem and why their survival hinges on the continuation of their ecosystem’s health.
  • “Wild About Birds” In this printed student magazine, students explore the astounding diversity of birds, from body type and color to habitat and the behaviors that help a particular species survive in a particular place. Students are introduced to John James Audubon, the 19th-century naturalist whose paintings of birds are now considered to be national treasures, both as works of art and as works of scientific accuracy.

Audubon Adventures introduces young people, their families and their teachers to the fundamental principles by which the natural world functions. The print publications and website offer an exciting, science-based exploration of those principles at work anchored in nonfiction reading and outdoor and classroom activities that help kids to care for our planet by helping birds and other wildlife.

Your school will receive:

Student Magazines—4 separate magazine sets (32 printed copies of each). Each edition on a different topic from nature will thrill and inspire students with engaging nonfiction informational text and vibrant photos and illustrations that bring the natural world to life.

Educator’s Guides (print edition) with:

  • Step-by-step teaching plan for the topic
  • Hands-on activities with easy-to-remove reproducible pages
  • Background facts and information
  • Student assessment questions and answer keys
  • Glossary words, recommended resources, and correlations to national language arts and science standards
  • Companion website with bonus free content: games, puzzles, quizzes, group activities, video resources, and more!

Audubon Adventures
 is used in classrooms, libraries, after-school programs, camp programs, ESL classes and more.  The content-rich website, www.audubonadventures.org, provides interactive games, puzzles, and quizzes and topic-related resources for both teachers and students.


Since its inception in 1984, over 7 million youngsters have participated in the program.

Bergen County Audubon Society also hosts an annual eco-art contest and invites all of our Audubon Adventures schools to participate.  If your school is interested in joining the Audubon Adventures family, please contact Marie Longo, Education Chair, Bergen County Audubon Society MLongo8383@aol.com (201) 498-0809.

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