Stormy Night

lightning-meadowlands-july-25-0I9A9007Michael Maddaloni sent in these breathtaking photos that he took from his car yesterday of lightning coming down on the Vreeland Ditch side of the Saw Mill Creek Trail in DeKorte. Spectacular and scary.


3 thoughts on “Stormy Night

  1. Ronald Shields

    We’re going to have to start calling you “Lightning Strike” Mike instead of ‘Sunset” Mike. LOL! What a great series of shots as only you could produce!

    1. Michael Maddaloni

      HA, Ron, let’s not tempt fate and actually have me get struck by lightning, I can see the news story now… “Lightning Strike Mike lives up to his moniker today…”

      But thank you!

  2. Michael Maddaloni

    Thanks Brian for sharing with the Meadowblog community the storm photos, been a while since I submitted anything, always happy to contribute and proud to have the contributions shown on the blog!

    To tell everyone the truth, I had my still camera and video camera going and wasn’t looking in that direction with my own eyes, and I didn’t even realize how close that lightning strike was until reviewing it about an hour later.


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