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Ruff Report

Ruff Takacs 8.1.16

Chris Takacs reports that the Ruff was in DeKorte this morning and sent in the photo above. With low tide coming back around 3 pm, we’ll be able to take another good look for our rare visitor soon. The photo Chris sent shows the Ruff in the impoundment off the Transco Trail parallel to the Turnpike. “Looking  back to west it’s preening with a group of 50 or so yellowlegs and Dowitchers.”

In the meantime, check out some Ruff shenanigans from the Netherlands here

Moths Identified

Thanks to Patrick Carney for identifying the moths from Moth Night on the previous post! ID’s listed under the photos below.

DeKorte Moth Night-1 7.28.16

Gray-Edged Snout With Flower Fly

DeKorte Moth Night-2 7.28.16

Juniper-Twig Geometer

DeKorte Moth Night-5

Juniper-Twig Geometer

DeKorte Moth Night-4

Scirpus Wainscot

Let’s Not Forget Moth Night

Thanks to all who came out for Moth Night last Thursday and to Dr. Elena Tartaglia, co-founder of National Moth Week, for her great presentation. Thanks to Joe Koscielny for sending the photos below. Now we need your help in identifying the moths. Know which is which? Email brian.aberback@njmeadowlands.gov

DeKorte Moth Night-1 7.28.16 DeKorte Moth Night-2 7.28.16 DeKorte Moth Night-3 DeKorte Moth Night-4 DeKorte Moth Night-5

At Least 15 Species Seen on Butterfly Day

Red Admiral Alice Leurck Butterly Day 7.30.16

Visitors marked 15 species of butterflies and moths on our whiteboard during Butterfly Day on Saturday. Did you see one that isn’t listed? Let us know by emailing brian.aberback@njmeadowlands.gov. Thanks to Alice Leurck for the photo of the Red Admiral above!

Species seen:


Red Admiral

Silver Spotted Skipper

Dun Skipper

Broad Winged Skipper

Cabbage White

Pearl Crescent

Black Swallowtail

Orange Sulphur

Clouded Sulphur

Zabulan Skipper

Tiger Swallowtail

Easter Tailed Blue

Snowberry Clearwinged Moth

Clearwinged Moth



All About Butterflies Today

Butterly kid

Our Seventh Annual Butterfly Day this past Saturday was a rousing success!! Close to 1,000 people came to DeKorte Park to take in butterfly talks and go on guided walks to see the majestic winged marvels. Kids loved the crafts, coloring, face painting and scavenger hunts, and dressed their butterfly best for the costume contest.

Thanks to our co-sponsors, the Bergen County Audubon Society and the North American Butterfly Association – North Jersey Chapter. We’ll be posting plenty of pics throughout the day.

Check out the story on Butterfly Day in yesterday’s Record.