Amazing Journey Concludes: The Emergence

Here come the Monarchs! Thanks again to Mickey and Elaine Raine for their great work and fascinating insight through their photos of the Monarch Butterfly’s journey from caterpillar to chrysalis to full-fledged butterfly. Mickey and Elaine saved the caterpillars by request from predatory conditions at several locations and allowed them to undergo the maturation process in their own safehouses before returning them to the wild.

We hope you enjoyed today’s series of posts illuminating this amazing journey.

monarch-butterfly-emergence-of-no-13-in-safe-house-1-091916-9am-ok-wmmonarch-butterfly-emergence2-of-no-13-in-safe-house-1-091916-9am-ok-wmmonarch-butterfly-emergence4-of-no-13-in-safe-house-1-091916-9am-ok-wmmonarch-butterfly-of-maturity-in-safe-house-1-nos-9-12-n-13th-091916-10am-ok-wmmonarch-butterfly-of-maturity-in-safe-house-1-nos-9-12-n-13th-091916-10am-ok-wm monarch-butterfly2-no-1-day-1-chrysalis-for-9-days-in-safe-house-1-091516-ok-wm

One thought on “Amazing Journey Concludes: The Emergence

  1. Dawn Braithwaite

    Gorgeous photography! I saw one of your photos and wondered if I could purchase the right to use it for my business? I am in Real Estate – its a photo of NYC from the Meadowlands…


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