Daily Archives: May 9, 2017

Standing Proud

This Tree Swallow looks proud to have his photo taken, striking a presidential portrait pose. Great shot by Mickey Raine at Mill Creek Marsh last week! Check out some more photos from Mickey taken at the Marsh below of  a fellow Tree Swallow, the ancient cedar stumps, Least Sandpipers and Lesser Yellowlegs. Especially love the Sandpipers in force among the cedar stumps!

Egrets in Their Mating Splendor

Check out the vivid colors around these Snowy Egrets’ eyes and the rest of their bodies, and the plumage starting to appear on some of them at the back. They’re tell-tale signs that it’s mating season. Thanks to Mickey Raine for sending in the shots from Mill Creek Marsh that really capture the Egrets in all their mating splendor!

Thank You Cleanup Volunteers!!!

Thanks to all who came out yesterday, including Little Ferry Mayor Mauro Raguseo (right), for the Bergen County Audubon Society’s Losen Slote Creek Park cleanup and helping to keep this treasure clean! Losen Slote is one of the last remaining upland woodlands in the Meadowlands District.

The cleanup was preceded by a nature walk. Check out Joe Koscielny’s great bird photos below!

Wood Thrush