Daily Archives: May 22, 2017

Words of Wisdom to Start the Week

BCAS President Don Torino had a great letter to the editor in yesterday’s Record. Words of wisdom to start your week:

As a person that leads local nature walks almost every weekend I can attest first hand to the wonderful positive effects being a part of nature and in nature has on everyone who just manages to spend a few hours a week walking our local parks and nature centers.

We are blessed to have great places like the Meadowlands, Teaneck Creek and many more oases that are close to home, sometimes in walking distance to many people who live in the most densely populated state.

We need to keep connected to and utilize our nature preserves so that we better understand how to protect them in the future and in doing so we can lead happier and healthier livesĀ  for ourselves, our families and for future generations.