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Don Torino’s Life In The Meadowlands: Snowberry – A Great Native Shrub for the Backyard or Anywhere Else

Snowberry Flowers

No, it’s not a new breakfast cereal or soft drink. It’s not even a new-found superfood. But Snowberry truly is a super native shrub. It’s easy to grow, adaptable to most any backyard, looks beautiful, is deer resistant, benefits pollinators and birds, and even some very special moths.

Symphoricarpos albus, or Snowberry, is a plant I have had in my backyard for many years. Its beautiful white berries, pink and white flowers, and tough as nails tolerance for rough conditions have made it one of my personal favorites. And more recently we at Bergen County Audubon have been introducing it to more and more wildlife habitat projects including (with the help of  Gabrielle Bennett-Meany of the NJSEA ) to DeKorte Park in Lyndhurst this past week.

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