Daily Archives: June 5, 2017

Great Harrier Walk Yesterday!

Thanks to all who came out to enjoy Harrier Meadow yesterday morning! A great walk by all accounts. Here are some photos of a Cedar Waxwing, Black-crowned Night Heron and a couple of Tree Swallows courtesy of Dee DeSantis. Don’t miss the next Bergen County Audubon Society Meadowlands walk on Tuesday, June 20, from 10 am to noon at DeKorte Park as they look for late spring migrants, nesting birds and shorebirds.

Freak Snow Squall At DeKorte

The parking lot of DeKorte’s administration building got shockingly late year snow flurries¬† last Wednesday afternoon- well, not really. If you’re wondering what all the white stuff was,the answer is seedlings from nearby Cottonwood trees that are embedded in the cotton fluff. As the weather gets warmer, the seeds, and the fluff, fly. Interestingly, Cottonwood trees are poplars, and not related to cotton plants.¬† Thanks to the NJSEA’s own Mimi Sabatino for the photos!

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