Daily Archives: July 18, 2017

A Red-winged Blackbird’s Will to Survive

Check out this amazing sequence of a Red-winged Blackbird at DeKorte on Sunday making a valiant effort to get from dangerous waters to the safety of the shoreline.

The Archer family sent in the photos along with the following message:

On Sunday, our enjoyment of the Gazebo view turned to alarm, when we spotted a poor little swallow crying out, surrounded by vast water.

The swallow furiously flapped its wings, trying to “swim” in the direction of the faraway shore.  Many times the swallow fell under the water and we feared the worst.

We breathed sighs of relief, when the swallow emerged again. Its fellow swallows swooped, urging their friend to keep going, as we hoped and prayed from the Gazebo.

Tireless and determined, this little bird made it! What spirit!  What a will to survive!