Kudos to Gaby!

The NJSEA’s Gaby Bennett-Meany, seen planting milkweed donated through a Bergen County Audubon Society grant from Suez Water North Jersey, does an awesome job maintaining and improving DeKorte Park and other Meadowlands natural areas.

As Don Torino, President of BCAS, says:

I could not help seeing how amazing DeKorte Park looks .Everyone who loves the park should thank Gabrielle Bennett-Meany of the NJSEA for all her hard work , DeKorte never looked better which means our birds and butterflies are happier than ever too. If you happen to see Gaby around the park please stop and thank her for all she does.

Indeed! Thanks Gaby!

One thought on “Kudos to Gaby!

  1. Ron Shields

    Congratulations Gaby! You are most deserving of such a fine article. DeKorte Park has never looked better. The wildflower show has been amazing. Thanks.


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