Don Torino’s Life in the Meadowlands: Volunteers Needed for Losen Slote Creek Park Breeding Bird Survey!

Wood thrush at Losen Slote Creek Park

Beginning June 1 the Bergen County Audubon Society will conduct a breeding bird survey at Losen Slote Creek Park in Little Ferry, an incredible natural wonder in our Meadowlands. This will be a concerted effort to determine and document the birds that utilize Losen Slote in the breeding season.

The information gathered will help determine future management of the park and inform the best ways to help the species that depend on Losen Slote to bring forth the next generation and also for their very survival.

Oriole at Losen Slote Creek Park

If you’ve never been in Losen Slote Creek Park, imagine sweet smelling white flowers of the Summersweet glowing like a woodland candelabra through the Sweet gum, Oak and Sassafras trees. The Mayapples are raised like tiny umbrellas along the forest floor and the many species of ferns stand in tribute to a time long ago.

A Hairy Woodpecker suddenly clings to a tree right over your head and a Red-Tailed hawk watches your every move from its perch. Losen Slote Creek Park is one of the last stands of hardwood lowland forests in the Meadowlands District, and the last that is accessible to the general public.

Losen Slote is a 22-acre hidden gem seemingly from another time in an otherwise congested part of Bergen County. A place where birders can see migrants such as Hooded and Blackburnian Warblers. Where Wood and Swainsons Thrush have the run of the forest floor and the Kingfisher’s rattling call echoes through the woods. A unique habitat, with its own ecosystem and inimitable life.

Losen Slote Creek Park is the  last of it’s kind, still there for all of us to visit, to appreciate , to enjoy and to work to protect.

If you would like to volunteer for the breeding bird survey please contact BCAS Conservation Director Mary Kostus  201-206-5519  or

In addition, the Bergen County Audubon Society will lead a nature walk through Losen Slote on Thursday, May 17, from 10 am to noon. For more information contact Don Torino at or 201-230-4983.

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