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Don Torino’s Life in the Meadowlands: Dee De Santis Wins First BCAS Jill Homcy Memorial Award

Dee De Santis

The board members of Bergen County Audubon Society are proud to announce that the winner of the first Jill Homcy Memorial Award is Dee De Santis, recognized for her tireless efforts to protect a nesting pair of Bald Eagles in Ridgefield Park.

This award honors Jill’s memory by recognizing a photographer or videographer whose skill and passion behind the lens has raised awareness to preserve and protect wildlife and natural habitat in our region.

Dee, the official Eagle Nest Monitor at the Ridgefield park nest for NJDEP, not only documents the nesting eagles behavior for the state but also reports problems and hazards at the nest site by photographing anything or anyone that might bring harm to these magnificent raptors.

Dee told me,  “I’m truly honored to receive the Jill Homcy Memorial Award. I deeply admire Jill’s wonderful photography and the dedication and passion she had for birds and nature.

“I learned how instrumental Jill was in documenting the Ridgefield Park eagles nest and also establishing it as a roosting area, key facts in saving the nest and protecting our eagles, who are very special to me,” Dee said. “I’ve been birding for about four years and this is my third year monitoring the RFPK Eagles, also a great honor.

“I love sharing my photos of not only the eagles but all of the amazing birds we have right here in Bergen County. I hope my photos inspire others to get in touch with birds and nature, while also helping raise awareness and protection for birds. Once again, thank you Bergen County Audubon Society for this wonderful recognition in honor of Jill Homcy.” 

Jill Homcy receives the Bergen County Audubon Society Conservation Award in 2015 from BCAS President Don Torino

Both Dee and Jill devoted a large part of their lives to bringing the love of nature to everyone and at the same time educating all of us on how and why we should all stand up to save the wildlife they both have loved.

Bergen County Audubon Society is very proud to honor Jill’s legacy and also to witness it be carried on so well into the future by Dee De Santis. If you know someone that uses their talents to preserve and protect our wildlife please let us know.