Daily Archives: November 30, 2020


Due to the latest restrictions on outdoor gatherings we have to sadly announce the cancellation of all our upcoming field trips until further notice.

We know how much our weekly outings mean to everyone and how important it is that our BCAS family comes together to enjoy nature and our birds. But since we are all family keeping everyone healthy and safe is the most important thing we can do right now.

Be assured, we will all get through this and be back together doing what we all love very soon. Myself more than anyone will miss meeting and talking with all of you out in the field but please keep in contact by keeping us updated with all your bird sightings, observations and great photos that will bring us together through these trying times.

Also be assured that BCAS will be out there everyday doing what we do best, protecting and preserving our wildlife and the habitats they need to survive. Please attend our Zoom meetings and special presentations that will be announced on our weekly emails. Please stay safe , we need each now more than ever. Our family, friends and the birds will help us see this through.