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Answering a Raven Question

Julie McCall wrote in last week to ask if any previous Common Raven nests at Laurel Hill had been successful, and the answer is yes.

Last year, for example, two young ravens successfully left the nest  in early May– though they still received food from Mom and Dad. (Photo is above, a couple of links are here and here.  (Thanks for asking!)

Record article on Ravens and a new Osprey nest

OSPREY NEST Near Swing Bridge Tower 006-1
                                                                           NJMC photo by Angelo Urato
    As Environmental Jim O'Neill of The Record writes in today's editions, there appears to be a very good chance of a successful Osprey nest in Kearny this spring — the first in recent memory, and only the second along the lower Hackensack in decades. The other is in Jersey City near the PSE&G plant.

     The Record's story, which also goes into fascinating detail about the Common Ravens of Laurel Hill in Secaucus, is here.  It's an excellent read.