KEARNY: The Kearny Marsh


   The Kearny marsh is a gem located just off Schuyler Avenue in — where else — Kearny. You access the marsh by turning into Gunnell Oval Park and driving around back.
   The 300-acre marsh is significant because, as the only freshwater wetlands in the Meadowlands District, it provides a major stopover for migrating waterfowl.
   This time of year, it is decidedly laid back, with dragonflies a-plenty, painted turtles sunning themselves, and some nifty plants — Meadow salsify and black raspberries.
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    On a recent morning when I was there, a fisherman was relaxing by the water’s edge. He asked that the marsh not bImg_3997e publicized, because he likes it just the way it is — quiet.
    A dese
rted railroad track running along the side of the marsh, and a walking path that runs parallel. I walked a few hundred yards on the path — glad I had worn my waterproof boots.
   The path includes several vantage points to see the marsh, and if you’re real quiet you can get graet views of egrets and herons.
I also saw the following: Graet blue  heron flying, meadowsalsify, black raspberriies, male blue dasher dragonfly and some raccoon tracks.
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