LITTLE FERRY: Mehrhof Pond plus


   Two great places for nature walks are at the north end of the Meadowlands District in Little Ferry  — the BCUA  Nature Preserve and Losen Slote Creek Park.
   The nature preserve is part of an old brick-making site that provided the bricks for major cities along the East Coast.
    After the brick factory went out of business a long time ago, the land reverted to its natural state, with a clay pit becoming a large pond — Mehrhof Pond. 
   It’s a beautiful place, and known amongst birders for the waterfowl it attracts — notably ruddy ducks and other waterfowl by the hundreds in November.   
   The one caveat is that because the nature preserve is located on Bergen County Utilities Authority property, it is inaccessible without advance permission. You need to go as part of an organized group. You need advance permission to gain admittance. You need to sign an insurance waiver. And it’s not open on weekends or holidays.
   But the preserve is worth the effort. Because it is not open to the public — for safety, security and insurance reasons — it is well-kept and largely undisturbed.
   On a recent trip I saw quite a few amazing sights, including a gorgeous Eastern box turtle and a field full of cedar waxwings.

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    The preserve consists of a wide path that leads through a tall meadow into woodlands. It also has a lake buzzing with dragonflies this time of year.
   I saw several dozen cedar waxwings in the meadow just beyond the gated entrance.

   For more information, call the BCUA’s Lori Russo at 201-807-8692 or e-mail her at this address.

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