Welcome to Tuesday Teaser, a new weekly feature of Meadowblog.net. As part of a continuing study,  Meadowlands Commission naturalists take close-ups of dozens of birds.
   We thought we’d challenge your birding skills by trying to identify these birds by their head shots.
   We’ll post a different photo each Tuesday, and you can click "Continue reading …" immediately below for the answer and a link for more information on the species.
   Which brings us to two questions. Who is this guy?  And what do you think of the Tuesday Teaser?
  (A thank you to NJMC naturalist Michael Newhouse for the idea.)

  Answer: Song Sparrow.

   For more information on this bird, click here.

2 thoughts on “TUESDAY TEASER 090208

  1. Don Torino

    So I’ll be the first ! Kind of Tough but With the bit of yellow how about a Savannah Sparrow ? Great fun Keep it going!


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