At least a dozen hawk-eyed birders are in the Meadowlands today as part of an impromptu "Team Gyr," trying to find that rare Gyrfalcon that has been seen (but not confirmed) in the Meadowlands.
   One birder who scoped out Laurel Hill early today told us he did not see the Gyrfalcon but did see an adult Bald Eagle fly over.
  One reason for the hoopla was this bird report from Pennsylvania on Wednesday:
    "About 3:30 this afternoon Gordon Yoder caught a Gyrfalcon at the Little Gap Raptor Banding Station.  Unfortunately he was alone and did not have a camera.Since a Gyrfalcon has tremendous range, it has raised hopes of a Meadowlands sighting as well.
    Another reason for the hoopla: Check this link to Google Books, and raptor experts Clay and Pat Sutton's Gyrfalcon description in How to Spot Hawks & Eagles:  They call the Gyrfalcon "The ultimate quest for raptor spotters, the rarest and hardest of all North American hawks to find."

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