CHRISTMAS BIRD COUNT: Meadowlands Highlights



Our Meadowlands team was part of the Lower Hudson CBC Circle, covering a 15-mile radius. IMG_8097
    Team Leader Mike Britt has posted a highlights list, including many of the birds that our team of three saw on our 11 hours plus of birding Meadowlands Commission sites in North Arlington, Lyndhurst and Carlstadt. The circle saw counted 100 species and more than 13,000 birds overall.

     (Above: Orange-crowned Warbler; at right, a Horned Lark.)

    Click "Continue reading…" below for the highlights list and a photo of a pheasant and an artsy shot of a Bald Eagle.

Canvasback (81) IMG_8022
Wild Turkey
Great Cormorant (11)
Great Egret (6)
Black-crowned Night Heron (43)
Bald Eagle
Rough-legged Hawk
Kestrel (4)
Virginia Rail (2)
Common Moorhen (2; count week)
Greater Yellowlegs
American Woodcock (5)
Wilson's Snipe
Barn Owl (4)
Long-eared Owl
Short-eared Owl
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Horned Lark (45)    
Winter Wren             
Marsh Wren
Hermit Thrush (10)
Gray Catbird
American Pipit (3)
Orange-crowned Warbler (4; got pics)
Palm Warbler
Eastern Towhee (2)
White-crowned Sparrow (5)
Snow Bunting (5)
Eastern Meadowlark (3)

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