World Series of Birding, Jr. Edition


If you see a bunch of Eagle-eyed young birders  birding in the Meadowlands on Saturday, don't be surprised.

    Linda Gangi, a friend of this blog, fellow NJ Auduboner Kristin Mylecraine will be leading two Youth Teams for the World Series of Birding Day. 
     (Next week, Linda will let us know how well they did and what they saw.

     Click here to learn more about the World Series of Birding.
     Click "Continue reading …"  to read more about the young WS birders.

   The three Scherman-Hoffman Shrikes team members are from grades 6-8. The three Scherman-Hoffman Sanderling team members are from  grades 1-5.

    Linda writes: "Both teams are representing New Jersey Audubon's Scherman-Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary located in Bernardsville, NJ. This is the fourth year that the children will be competing.

    "In the past, competing in the Grades 1-5 division, they placed 2nd in their division two years in a row, last year tallying 68 species.

    "They will visit Garret Mountain and then bird throughout the Meadowlands Region, visiting DeKorte Park, Mill Creek Marsh, Mill Creek Point and Schmidt's Woods.

    "If time allows or more bird species are needed they may also make their way north to the Ridgefield Nature Center and Greenbrook Sanctuary. 

   "In the past, the children bird for approximately 12 hours, attempting to see as many species of bird as possible, and always have a great time doing so."     

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