Kevin Karlson Day — Thanks, Everyone!

IMG_3249   Thanks, Kevin, and all our participants for making "A Day With Kevin Karlson" such a success.

  We had an enthusiastic turnout of more than 70 in spite of really dubious weather, and we were rewarded with a most-informative bird walk that featured some solid birds  — and two engaging indoor presentations by author/photographer/birder-extraordinaire Kevin Karlson.

   It was a great day of birding in the Meadowlands. Thanks, all!

2 thoughts on “Kevin Karlson Day — Thanks, Everyone!

  1. deejbrown

    This was an extraordinary day! I am not new to birding, but am a perpetual “shorebird beginner” because of the ID challenges they present.
    Unlike many, Kevin did not just say, “That bird is a ___,” but he told us how he reached that conclusion. He taught not only birding but a life lesson to trust your intuition….
    And to think this program was FREE!
    Thank you for Tweeting about this, Jim! I would not have known otherwise, and enjoyed the program immensely!


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