The Butterfly Walk Report

IMG_0071-2   The North American Butterfly Association's walk at DeKorte on Sunday was canceled at the last minute because of a forecast of heavy rain, but several people didn't get the memo.   

    Although skies often grew dark, the group of a half-dozen went on a three-hour walk around the 110-acre in search of bugs that do not like particularly like cloudy weather.  

    Walk leader Tom Halliwell, knowledgable about butterflies and the plants that attract and host them, helped the group spot and identify at least 15 species of butterflies over an incredibly informative three-hour walk — pretty good for an overcast day.    

   Click "Continue reading …" for the full list, a solid Web site for bug info and more butterfly pix.


   The species were Eastern tiger swallowtail, cabbage white, orange sulphur, Eastern tailed blue, question mark, painted lady (beautiful bug in great condition, pictured at the top of this post), red admiral, viceroy, monarch, silver-spotted skipper, wild indigo duskywing, least skipper, Peck's skipper, Zabulon skipper (brief look), and broad-winged skipper.  

   The group also saw some awesome moths and beautiful caterpillars – including two that will be upcoming Tuesday Teasers.

  At the end of the walk, all agreed that those who did not attend missed a terrific walk – and decided that the small turnout allowed for some great up-close looks at bugs that too many of us take for granted.

  For a nifty bug Web site, click here.


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