DeKorte Bird Report 101609


     We did a couple of quick walks around DeKorte on Friday to see what the inclement weather had brought in — and the answer was not much. We had four Killdeer (pictured) along the Marsh Discovery Trail, along with a lot of yellowlegs hunkered down on the leeward side of the phrags.

   Water levels are still low, but not nearly as low as they have been.

    We still have several egrets, but nothing in comparison to the hundreds we had two weeks ago. Also seen: Green-winged Teal, lots of Yellow-rumps, peeps, two Great Blue Herons and a juvenile Yellow-crowned Night Heron tucked away in the reeds toward the back of the Shorebird Pool.

   Plus a Groundhog and a Muskrat.




One thought on “DeKorte Bird Report 101609

  1. Michael Girone

    I was birding the shorebird pool on 10-16-09 from 2:30 to 4 p.m. Around 3:30 p.m. I spotted a juvenile Bald Eagle soaring fairly low over the Sawmill Creek tidal flats. The eagle then flew steadily north over Transco Trail and the shorebird pool and passed almost directly over me at perhaps 50 feet. The markings I saw appear to be that of a first-year bird. It continued north and disappeared from view.
    Shortly afterward a juvenile Northern Harrier came by cruising about 10 feet off the ground and paralleling the Marsh Discovery Trail, perhaps trying to ambush the flock of Lesser Yellowlegs that was nearby. No attack was made however, and the Harrier continued west past the HMC buildings.


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