Minding the Bees


     When we put up American Kestrel boxes at the Erie Landfill, we didn't expect so many tenants, and of the "wrong" species.


  We now have a healthy hive of Honey Bees filling the box.

   What to do?

    We brought in a local beekeeper, who says that the bees should make it through the winter, and that he can transport them to a conventional hive in the spring.

   Since Honey Bees have been under stress of late — colony collapse disorder has killed these bees by the millions in the past few years — we were glad that we have a happy healthy hive in North Arlington.

2 thoughts on “Minding the Bees

  1. Don Torino

    It’s amazing ! there are also screech owl boxes at Overpeck preserve and Teaneck Greenway with Honeybees , they must know something we don’t


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