Bird Banding: The Totals for the Fall Season


   In September and October, NJMC Naturalist Michael Newhouse and his dedicated band of bird-banders banded 46 species and nearly 3,000 birds in all.

   Bird most likely to be banded — the Savannah Sparrow, with more than 700 banded. It is a threatened species in New Jersey. (Pictured at right, a confusing Black-throated Blue Warbler, one of the 46 species.)

   For a look at the variety of birds that use the former landfills in the Meadowlands each fall, check out the full list of banded birds. 

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NJMC Bird-Banding Project

Fall 2009: 46 Species, 2930 birds

American Goldfinch-154

American Kestrel-3

American Redstart-13

American Robin-21

Barn Swallow-1

Black and White Warbler-8

Blackpoll Warbler-10

Black-capped Chickadee-2

Black-throated Blue Warbler-3


Blue Grosbeak-1


Brown Creeper-2

Brown Thrasher-4

Canada Warbler-1

Chipping Sparrow-1

Common Yellowthroat-57

Connecticut Warbler-8

Downy Woodpecker-3

Eastern Phoebe-20

Eastern Towhee-2

European Starling-6

Field Sparrow-19

Golden-crowned Kinglet-3

Gray Catbird-64

Gray-cheeked Thrush-1

Grasshopper Sparrow-1

Hermit Thrush-13

House Finch-1

House Wren-9

Indigo Bunting-59

Least Flycatcher-3

Lincoln's Sparrow-41

Magnolia Warbler-8

Mourning Dove-2

Nashville Warbler-1

Northern Cardinal-6

Northern Mockingbird-15

Northern Parula-1

Northern Waterthrush-12


Palm Warbler-319

Praire Warbler-1

Red-winged Blackbird-1

Rose-breasted Grosbeak-1

Ruby-crowned Kinglet-65

Red-eyed Vireo-2

Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow-1

Savannah Sparrow-715

Dark-eyed Junco-14

Sharp-shinned Hawk-1

Song Sparrow-486

Swamp Sparrow-381

Swainson's thrush-4

Traill's Flycatcher-27


Vesper Sparrow-2

Warblering Vireo-2

White-eyed Vireo-2

White-crowned Sparrow-35

White-throated Sparrow-51

Wilson's Warbler-1

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker-3

Yellow-breasted Chat-2

Yellow Warbler-8

Yellow-rumped Warbler-224

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