Mr. B. Kingfisher


     This guy has been tooling around the tidal impoundments at DeKorte, but he never sits still for a portrait. We managed to sneak up on him on Friday to get this one shot. Needless to say, we heard him before we saw him.

   How do we know it's a male?

     More on Belted Kingfishers here.

2 thoughts on “Mr. B. Kingfisher

  1. julie mccall

    what a great shot! i have probably taken about 75 pictures of kingfishers at dekorte in the past month, and about 25 pictures of “there was a kingfisher there a second ago”, but none of them could sit at the same table as this picture. (in fact, almost all of them look like impressionist oil paintings, and almost none of them are even recognizable as kingfishers to anyone but me…)
    well done!


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