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Shrike Update 122809

     The Northern Shrike has been particularly elusive today. We finally saw him just after 3 p.m., on the far side of the retention pond on Disposal Road. He seemed to wait to appear until two vans with birders in them departed.

   He then perched in the Black Locust on the top of the landfill (photo above, taken today and posted solely to give you a feel of what to look for), and zipped low again.

   Let's hope he is more cooperative for tomorrow's walk.

   Also seen — many N. Harriers, several Redtails, and a Sharpie.

Ravens Update

  Ray Duffy reports: "Two Common Ravens were seen at Laurel Hill on Saturday.  Both of them were interacting with each other.  It looked like they were preening each other in the ball field near the nest.  So it sounds like the pair is back." (Thanks, Ray!)

History Project: The Richard W. DeKorte Legacy

6a00e553bb7c20883401287666985e970c  We recently interviewed Paulette Ramsey, who talks about her late husband, Richard W. DeKorte, and his foresight and contributions to the Meadowlands.

   As a state assemblyman in the late 1960s, DeKorte was instrumental in crafting the legislation that created the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission. DeKorte Park is named in his honor.

   DeKorte also laid out the foundation for the region’s environmental restoration and economic development over the past four decades.

 6a00e553bb7c20883401287666a89e970cHe also laid out the foundation for the region’s environmental restoration and economic development over the past four decades.

   In the interviews, Mrs. Ramsey talks about her late husband’s foresight and contributions to the Meadowlands, as well as NJMC’s collaboration with Ramapo College and the district today.

A plaque (above) in the lobby of the NJMC Administration Building at DeKorte Park honors his memory.

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Tomorrow’s DeKorte Walk

P1020864 Nothern Shrike
    Tomorrow's "End of the Year" Walk, in cooperation with Bergen County Audubon, meets in the Environmental Center lobby at 10 a.m. on Tuesday because of the severe cold. Be aware that the Meadwolands also gets very windy this time of year, so dress warmly!

   Here's the plan: We'll do a quick walk for ducks at DeKorte, then head out to Disposal Road to look for the Shrike, which has been hanging around for more than two weeks now.

   We'll then head back to the Environment Center for hot cocoa and cookies — we'll fire up the projector and show some pix of the Northern Shrike Winter Raptors and some yet-to-be-posted pix of Snow Buntings and Horned Larks photographed in the Meadowlands last week…

  Walk leader Don Torino notes: "Saw the Shrike today along with a lot of other birders. It was great to see the Shrike but the Raptors were putting on a great show as well, 4 Harriers over the landfill were working the meadow and sparring with each other, along with two Redtails in the mix. Should be a fun trip."

  Thanks to Pam Mistretta for the Northern Shrike photo above — she took it on Sunday.

  (Note: We also have a  New Year's walk with Bergen County Audubon this Sunday at DeKorte at 10 a.m. Will post more later.)

2009, A Look Back: September

   The year 2009 marked the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission's 40th anniversary and a major expansion of our nature programs. We thought we'd celebrate by looking back at 2009, month by month.

   Here are some highlights from September:

   September 1: DeKorte Park, 5:55 a.m.

   September 4: Princefisher

   September 9: Yellow-crowned at Saw Mill

   September 10: Aerial Photos of Harrier Meadow

   September 14: Touch-Me-Not

   September 15: Joy in Mudville

   September 15: Northern Wheatear Confirmed!

   September 18: More about the DeKorte Wheatear

   September 19: Sora! Sors! Sora! (Above)

   September 20: Wilson's Phalarope 

    September 25: Least Bittern

    September 30. Small-mouth Bass, Kearny Marsh