Daily Archives: December 10, 2009

Sharp-shinned Hawk Meets Window

DSC_0309   One of the unintended results of humankind's edifice complex  is that birds sometimes fly into buildings.

   The Sharp-shinned Hawk on the left had the misfortune of flying into a window in the same building as the Meadowlands Commission's Business Accelerator on Chubb Avenue in Lyndhurst, not far from Giants Stadium.

   Jonathan Martin of the Accelerator staff called NJMC naturalists to check the bird (he also took the picture above). The game plan was to take the Sharpie to the Raptor Trust in Millington if it did not recover in short order.

    The good news is the bird did regain its senses and fly off. NJMC naturalists say the bird should be fine. 

    Click here for photos of a Sharp-shinned Hawk banded this fall in the Meadowlands.

   Click here to find out what to do if you find an injured wild bird. The link is to the Raptor Trust, a wonderful place.