Daily Archives: January 4, 2010

Yesterday’s Walk

  Twelve of us were at DeKorte for the First Sunday of the Month bird walk. We had a lot of great looks at neat birds, IMG_4978including several Northern Harriers, Common Mergs, Hoodies, Gadwall and Canvasbacks (but no Pintails).

  We had the best views of the harriers (left and above) and the Common Mergs from inside the Visitor Center at the Meadowlands Environment Center. (Is that cheating?)

  Walk leader and early birder Don Torino also had Bald Eagle and Peregrine Falcon by arriving early.

 IMG_4063 We also looked for the shrike (unsuccessfully) on Disposal Road but we saw many American Coots by the Kearny Marsh (birders are pictured 
at left).

 Thanks to all who participated!

Bird Report 010410

  Chris Takacs reports: "Anyone looking for the Northern Shrike in the Meadowlands may be out of luck today. I just saw the Shrike in my yard! I live walking distance from the bird's latest haunt."

    "It flew off to the North towards the Schuyler Diner on Schuyler Ave. about 7:55. It's probably not in the DeKorte area early today. I'd have to assume it flew in after Goldfinches which have been coming to the sock feeders the last few days. Didn't have the camera ready so I missed a shot. This will be the best yard bird of the year I guess…."  (Thanks, Chris!)

    (We'll take a look for it on our lunch hour.)