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Ruby-crowned Kinglet Plus


   Chris Takacs pointed out this Ruby-crowned Kinglet (and another one, plus many Fox Sparrows) this morning at DeKorte. (Thanks, Chris!)

   Also seen (or heard) of late: IMG_5535

   The Northern Shrike was seen in its usual haunts along Disposal Road at 2:15 p.m. yesterday.  

   A Ring-necked Pheasant was seen by Disposal Road just beyond the DeKorte Park entrance on Sunday and heard again on Monday.

   Near the Duck congregation in DeKorte, by the Lyndhurst Nature Reserve tidal inlet: A Killdeer. Also there this a.m.: Pintails, Green-winged Teal. 



    One of the best places to get great looks at many species of ducks is by the Lyndhurst Nature Preserve in DeKorte. With most of the tidal impoundments frozen over, the ducks are hanging out in great numbers in relatively small spaces — like this raft of Canvasbacks late Monday afternoon.

   In the past two days we have also seen Gadwall, Black Duck, Shoveler, Common Merg, Hooded Merg, Pintail, (2) Green-winged Teal and Mallard. (Might have had a Ruddy, too, but …).

    That's 9 species (and often as many as four species at a time), not far from the visitors' parking spaces near the Administration Building (second building on your left).

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Tuesday Teaser 010510


    The past few months, we've seen these guys mostly from the distance. Because of duck-hunting season, they are extremely skittish.

   We got this shot and a few others when a pack of gulls drove them off one of the impoundments at Harrier Meadow last month.

    Who are they?

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