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Shrike Update 012910

   IMG_0098     The Shrike was seen at least twice today in the early afternoon along Disposal Road by Fred Pfeifer. (Thank you, Fred!)

   The bird was first seen on Dec. 12, which means he has been in the area for seven weeks now.

    If you are looking for shrike this weekend, you might look along Disposal Road between the NJMC Maintenance Garage and the Carillon/Retention Pond Area,  as well as in the Lyndhurst Nature Reserve area. It has been frequenting the locales.

   The shrike likes to perch high in trees — when it is visible. He posed for the photo above today, albeit at a bit of a distance.

   If you do see it, please e-mail Jim Wright here and he will update the blog first chance.

   Be aware that Disposal Road can get some major vehicular traffic, including oblivious drivers who are so busy dodging speed bumps and potholes that they may not to see birders or photographers in the road. Please be careful.

   Also be aware that no one should go onto any landfill in search of the shrike or to get better looks at the shrike.

   If you see anyone — from birders to dog-walkers — trespassing  on the Kingsland Landfill (along Disposal Road on the other side of the road from DeKorte Park and the Carillon), don't hesitate to call 201-896-8100 –that's the number for the company that is remediating the former landfill. They will send out security guards.

   Similarly, call that number if you hear off-road vehicles on the landfill.

   Former landfills in the Meadowlands are off-limits to the public, for all sorts of important reasons, from public safety to on-going remediation work. Thanks.

Upcoming Events through April


   The Meadowlands Commission and Bergen Audubon have a lot of great free events planned for the next three months, and we wanted to give you an early heads-up.

   The events range from a Super Bird Sunday Walk on Feb. 7 (including great prizes!) to an Earth Day Walk on April 22, and the sites range from DeKorte Park and Harrier Meadow to Mill Creek Marsh and Laurel Hill County Park.

   Read on…

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