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Shrike Update Two 010809 w/New Photos


    Ron Shields had the Northern Shrike at the back of the Retention Pond by Disposal Road from roughly 3:30 to 4 p.m. today. IMG_6069 Ron called me in time for me to take a lot of photos from across the pond, in not-so-hot light.

  One or two  — like the one above — sort of came out, at least enough to ID by…

   Best way to find the bird this afternoon — he was singing away, very loudly…

Shrike Report 010809 (Updated)

  The Northern Shrike continues on Disposal Road and now DeKorte Park.

  It was seen on the  Saw Mill Creek Trail this morning after it made a brief stop at the Cedars near the Carillon.  Chris Takacs says: "We noticed the bird when the local Mockingbird began to complain –something to  look for when searching for this guy."

   It was seen Thursday several times — in the morning, mid-afternoon and late afternoon.

   Chris reports: "At 3:15 we saw it on  the same trail much farther out. It flew towards the Osprey platform near the  "T" in the trail, much closer to the parking lots and buildings." (Thanks, Chris!)

  The bird has now hung around for 29 days.

   A big thank you to all the birders who have been looking for (and finding) this bird.  If anyone has good new photos, we'd love to post them.

DeKorte Park Named a Top Birding Hotspot

  Birdmagcover Birder’s World magazine has named the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission’s Richard W. DeKorte Park as one of its top places for bird-watching, calling the 110-acre park “among the premier urban wildlife spots in the country.”

   In a report in its February 2010 issue, the popular national magazine made special note of DeKorte Park’s abundant winged wonders – from owls and other raptors in winter to butterflies and egrets in summer – and also praised the park’s well-maintained, family-friendly walkways and trails.  The issue went on sale this week.

   According to the magazine, “the 30-square-mile area has undergone a reclamation of remarkable scope and success. Thanks to the work of the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission, what was once a national shame is now among the premier urban wildlife spots in the country.”

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     Click here to read The Record’s story on the news.

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