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Shrike Update 011810 p.m.

  Julie McCall reports: "I saw the Northern Shrike at 9:45am this morning, atop the highest branch of the tallest tree in DeKorte Park's Lyndhurst Nature Reserve (over the second seating area on the right as you approach Saw Mill Creek Trail from Transco Trail…) 

   "After two minutes or so, he flew over to the trees on the Transco Trail, then back across, and zig-zagged a few times.  He was in the area for about ten minutes, and then I lost him."  (Thanks, Julie!)

  [The bird was also seen in this locale on Thursday.]

Shrike Update/Bird Report 011810

   Julie McCall writes: "Went out before the rain this morning.

    "Although I did not get an absolutely certain visual ID on the shrike today, I definitely heard it "yelling" as it moved along Disposal Road, past the Carillon and toward the Transco Trail.  Given the scolding and the speed it seemed to be moving at, I assume it was a territorial pursuit. About a half an hour earlier, I saw a shrike-sized bird chasing a sparrow-sized bird from Disposal Road, across the Teal Pool. 

  "I left around 12:15. [Another birder saw the shrike in that vicinity 15 minutes later.]

  My personal highlights this morning included 2 belted kingfishers and a Ring-necked Pheasant."

   Click "Continue reading…" for Julie's full report and list. (Thanks, Julie!)

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