Daily Archives: January 19, 2010

Coming Tomorrow: Highlights of the Laurel Hill Walk


    We had a great walk on a gray morning at Laurel Hill County Park on Tuesday. Highlights on the NJMC/BCAS walk included Great Cormorants, a dozen Black-crowned Night Herons hanging out along the Hackensacxk River, and two Common Ravens perched just below last year's nest.

    We'll post more pix and the full list tomorrow.

Shrike Update 011910 a.m. (Holiday bonus report)

 N Shrike Jan 18 10
   John Slattery writes: "The reports that I have read state the Northern Shrike is expanding its territory beyond the Carillon area.

    "I saw the shrike further south on Disposal Road approx. 200 feet to the west of the rear of the Maintenance Shed (behind the Observatory) at DeKorte Park this afternoon. 

   "The shrike was in the short trees next to the road on the north-east side of Disposal Road (i.e., the side away from the park)." (Thanks for the report and the photo, John!)

Bird Report 011910 (including shrike)

    Doug Morel writes:  "Took a midday visit to DeKorte today and managed a good variety of ducks, a couple raptors and my target, the No. Shrike (2nd attempt).

   "The Shrike was observed singing away in treetops along Disposal Rd. not far fron the back end of the Commission's garage behind the Observatory. Thanks go out to another birder who directed me to it's location as I approached it. Heard song before sighting the happy bird.

   "Also seen: Am. Kestrel, No. Shoveler & Ring-necked Duck (my 1sts for 2010)
Com. Goldeneye, Bufflehead, Gadwall, Canvasback (250+), No. Harrier, Red-tailed Hawk (having meal on utility pole)." (Thanks, Doug!)